Dead Storm Rising Cover Art

Debut Single: "Lullaby"

The forthcoming debut single entitled Lullaby explores real world misery that pervades the dreamscape, allowing no reprieve from the suffering.

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About the Band

Dead Storm Rising is a Gothic Doom Metal studio project founded in Seattle, WA. This anonymous trio weaves melancholic music with haunting melodies that resonate deep within the souls of their listeners.

Drawing inspiration from the likes of Paradise Lost, Lacuna Coil, and Tool; Dead Storm Rising combines elements of gothic metal, doom metal, and progressive influences to create a unique sound that delves into the depths of human emotions - exploring themes of despair, introspection, and the haunting beauty of darkness.

Their forthcoming releases promise to be a transformative journey into the shadows. Embracing the essence of Gothic Doom Metal with meticulous attention to detail and a dedication to evoking raw emotions, Dead Storm Rising aims to create an immersive experience that transcends the boundaries of traditional metal music.


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Ride around in style while helping to spread the word about this new band. This stylish decal comes in white and measures 8” wide.

Custom colors may be possible, contact us to ask for details.


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